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There's no other place like Japan.


In Japan, futuristic technology and rich history coexist to create a country like no other. Whether you're looking for bright neon lights, fascinating Shinto shrines or lush, untouched nature, you will find it in Tokyo.

Tokyo Colours is owned and managed by bilingual producers: Naoko Miyamoto & Brian Kobo.

We specialise in providing production services to companies who wish to capture the unique qualities of Japan in their next project.

With our experience producing films, TV shows, commercials, web videos and photo shoots, we can make your next project both successful and enjoyable.

If you like what we do and are considering Japan for your next project, please get in touch with us.



At Tokyo Colours, we have access to an extensive talent agency network, ensuring that you find who you are looking for. We are able to hold casting sessions via skype, send you video auditions, and conduct call backs to suit your production schedule. Whether you need ordinary people, athletes, extras or experienced actors, we can find the right talent for your project.


Japan is full of beautiful and interesting locations that would be perfect for your project. You will be able to find impressive skylines, romantic rural land, elegant architecture and breath-taking nature, all within this magnificent country. We are able to scout, permit, and shoot anywhere in Japan. Let us support you in finding incredible locations for your next project.


Tokyo Colours can take care of all your production needs while shooting in Japan. Here are some things we can do for you: make an estimate and work out logistics for your shoot, find local crew, rent equipment, arrange transport, reserve hotels and much more. We want to ensure that you and your crew will have a good experience shooting in Japan. No project is too big or small for us; drop us a line to start a discussion about how we can support you.




    Producer / Partner
    Naoko studied filmmaking at the University of Canterbury School of Fine Arts in Christchurch, New Zealand where she spent most of her adolescence. After graduating, she moved back to her home country to start her production career. After working at a Japanese commercial production company, Naoko joined Brian to produce many international projects. She has worked on commercials for international brands such as Nike, Apple, Microsoft, Conde Nast, CNN, Toshiba, Steinlager, Adidas, ANA, JAL, and Air New Zealand.
    Producer / Partner
    Brian was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. His production career officially started when he moved to Tokyo in 2000. He assisted the launch of MTV Japan as a coordinator and continued to work there as an AD. After leaving MTV, he became a freelance production coordinator/manager on many projects including Lost In Translation, Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift, Inception, and numerous commercials and music videos . In 2013, he became head of the international department at a small Tokyo-based film production company. While there, he produced various international projects and worked with many directors and producers from all over the world.
    Production Coordinator
    Born and raised in Tokyo. Moeko studied Film and Video at University of the Arts London. She has worked on Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift with Brian as well as numbers of Japanese feature films. She also has experience working for a major international café chain, which makes her Tokyo Colours’ unofficial barista. Moeko joined Tokyo Colours in 2019.


    From modern cityscapes to historical Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples, we have range of unique locations on offer for your next project.
    - Permits: the approval process usually takes 1 to 2 working weeks. We will need to provide specific information such as cast & crew numbers, gear list, number of vehicles, the client’s name and product, media usage and sometimes the script.
    - Studios: we have access to big and small studios with features such as white background, chroma key, house studios and sound stage.
    - Roads: streets permit are available in certain areas. There are lots of restrictions such as no street blockage, no interference with public, handheld camera only and time restrictions.
    We are able to hire equipment for your project. Most equipment is readily available in Tokyo. Send us a list of gear and we will take care of it.
    - For a long term project, it may be more cost effective to bring your own camera equipment as rental fees in Japan are expensive.
    - To import equipment, one can use an ATA Carnet. For more information, please visit USCIB
  • CREW
    We have highly experienced production personnel. Don’t hesitate to contact us for extra support if you experience any problems during your stay in Japan.
    - Our standard shoot day is based on 10 hours from call time to wrap time
    - Regarding overtime, crew members are paid an extra half day if they work between 10 and 15 hours and an extra full day if they work over 15 hours
    - You will incur taxi costs for call times before 6am and wrap times after 11pm
    - No surcharge for nights, weekends or public holidays
    - We have a network of bilingual crew available to make your shoot a successful one
    - Aerial shooting is possible
    - Helicopters are restricted from operating over some city areas
    - The application process will take 1-2 weeks
    - Drones: It is possible to fly drones in some public areas, although permits will take more than one month to be approved. Flying drones over private land is permitted as long as we have permission from the land owner.
    We will take care of meals for everyone during the scout & shoot. We have corporate rates at some hotels around Shibuya & Shinjuku. Let us know your budget and we can make arrangements for you and your client.
    - In Tokyo, the average 5 star hotel costs US$500 or more per night, and 4 star hotels start from US$300
    - Cost of average meals: breakfast US$8, lunch US$10, dinner US$20
    - The legal drinking age in Japan is 20
    - If you hold a passport from any of 68 visa exemption countries, you do NOT need visas in order to enter Japan for film shoots, as long as you leave the country before 90 days.
    - Visa exemption countries include: Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Korea, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, United States.
    - The exception to this is if you are getting paid by a Japanese company for your service; you will then need a work visa to work and be paid in Japan.
    - For more information on visa exemptions, please visit Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
    - As Japan is stretched out over thousands of kilometers, the climate varies from island to island.
    - You can expect heavy snowfall in Northern part of Japan while the southern island of Okinawa has an average high of over 20C/68F all year around.
    - Japan has four seasons; on average, the hottest month is August and coldest month is January.
    - In Tokyo, it gets as cold as 0C/32F in the middle of winter and as hot as 38C/100F in summer.
    - The wet season is from mid-June to mid-July and cherry blossoms are in full bloom from the end of March for 1-2 weeks.
    - Japan is still a very cash-centric country. Major shops and restaurants accept cards but places like your local ramen shop may not… It’s good to carry some yen with you.
    - The best place to exchange money will be the airport. Hotels and money exchanges in the city tend to charge terrible rates.
    - If your local bank card or credit card has a Plus or Cirrus sign on the back, you can get cash out at ATMs in any 7/11 (a popular convenience store).
    - Avoid data roaming in Japan; it costs a fortune! You should either get a global roaming flat rate plan with your mobile company or rent a pocket Wi-Fi at the airport. Surprisingly, there are not many free Wi-Fi spots in Japan.
    - There is no tipping culture in Japan. No need to tip taxis, waiters or hotel staff.
    - Some locals understand English but they can be very shy when it comes to speaking. Make sure you have the address and name of the place ready when you get into taxis



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